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Join Inttracom

Inttracom Admission Criteria

Members must have ISO 9001 or equivalent certification (EN 15038, SAE J2450, ASTM F2575, CAN CGSB 131.10, AILIA-NSGCIS, LICS etc.).
They must have at least 2 in-house translators or interpreters compatible with Inttranet™ admission criteria.
They must have English, French or Spanish as one of their working languages.

Cost of Inttracom membership

Members of Inttracom pay a single annual fee of € 150 per year, in the form of an Inttranews™ group subscription. (Inttranews™ is the leading daily news source for the language industry worldwide, with some 45,000 readers in 140 countries).
The Inttranews™ group subscription enables each Inttracom member to
i) co-brand the daily news bulletin with its company's logo
ii) distribute it to an unlimited number of guests,
iii) issue press releases on their activities free of charge.
The annual fee entitles the member’s head office and any branch offices it may have in any country to benefit from Inttracom service(s).
The annual membership fee includes a global RFP service, with daily updates and e-mail alerts on all the major RFPs published worldwide.

Lead Companies

The first company in a country / state to join Inttracom is invited to act as Lead Company for that country / state, and figure first in search results for services within it.
In return for this privilege, in order to highlight the network’s linguistic diversity and facilitate access to its members’ services, lead companies translate the Inttracom website into a language of their choice.
No member may be the Lead Company for more than one country / state. In the event of two members applying to act as lead company for the same country / state, priority is given to the member whose head office is located in the country / state in question.

To apply for membership, please
1) fill in the form below
2) fill in the "Inttranews Group subscription" form by clicking here


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